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CenterIM project is searching for contributors

Juli 29th, 2010 | 6 Comments | Posted in Beruf, Freizeit

To everyone out there,

As you might know, there are lots of different kinds of instant messaging clients. Even in the Open Source world, there is lots of choices with different merits and flaws. Most of these instant messaging clients are GUI based, and that’s where CenterIM comes handy.

CenterIM is a fork of the good old CenterICQ messaging client by Konstantin Klyagin.  It features a console based multi-protocol instant messaging interface which is capable of using many different systems, including ICQ, Jabber aka XMPP, Google Talk, Yahoo!, AIM and Gadu-Gadu. It has many different configuration options and can be remote-controlled by external commands. Many features can be added through an external actions system (for example, auto-launch browser if URL is received).

So, you see, CenterIM is a piece of software which is worth to be given a try.

Currently, we’ve got 129 centerim-users subscribers, 86 centerim-devel subscribers, and 7 centerim-bugs subscribers within the mailing list system. You see that the project is very small, but to stay alive, we need more people skilled and willing to contribute code and participate on the project.

If you are a little bit skilled in programming with C++  (or willing to become skilled) and have a little spare time to spend on a great project, then we would be glad to welcome you in our small but nice community.

All information needed to get started can be read on – Additional questions can of course be asked on our centerim-users mailinglist or in #centerim on freenode IRC network.

With best regards,

Frank Altpeter, on behalf of the CenterIM developers community.


Feel free to forward this posting to wherever you think it could be reasonable.

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Bookmarks for 20. Juli through 27. Juli

Juli 27th, 2009 | Kommentare deaktiviert für Bookmarks for 20. Juli through 27. Juli | Posted in Links

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